Life Keys

"Being Rooted & Made Free"

Amy Sue O'Hara  Recovery Pastor/Founder

Hello, I'm Amy Sue. I am married to Darren O'Hara, I am the proud mother of two sons Forrest and Camron! I love my life today, at 30 years clean! I am an Ordained Minister with the Assemblies of God, Hold a Diploma with The NET Institute for Addictions and Recovery Counseling, and I have a certificate in Addiction and Recovery Counseling with the American Association of Christian Counselors. But none of these things qualify a person, it is the calling of Jesus Christ on my life, the redemptive work of the cross that set me free, this gives me the ability to do what I do, see, I come from a history of drug abuse, family dysfunction and physical abuse. My life was very colorful to say the least. In November of 2003 it all changed when I had an encounter with Jesus during a worship service at church, Hope Community Fellowship, Titusville, FL. I had already been clean for 14 years yet my life had not changed! Many of you are still there and know exactly what I am talking about! After I gave my heart and life to The Lord Jesus Christ, everything began to change, and my journey of overcoming began! I pray you join us on this journey of FREEDOM!!

Scott Nelson  Pastor & Facilitator

Scott has been with Life Keys since 2015. He is an Ordained Minister and Facilitator with Life Keys. Scott served our country in the Army. He has a great love for community and the country! He has a history of alcoholism, and anger. He is also well acquainted with the chaos of being the parent of an addicted adult child. Scott has served in churches as an Armor Bearer, and has been in the Banner Ministry of making Banners with his late wife, Tina. Scott has a heart bigger than Texas and for seeing the lives of people caught in the cycle of addiction transformed.

Lynda Dicandio Pastor & Facilitator

Hello, I am Lynda Dicandio, I am happily married to my husband Joseph Dicandio Sr for 55 years. We have 3 incredible sons, 10 grandchildren, 2 great grandsons and a great granddaughter on the way. We are truly a blessed family!  I am an Ordained Minister with the Assemblies of God and I have pioneered and still serve as the Senior Pastor of New Hope Assembly of God for 13 years now. I have held credentials with the Assemblies of God since 1997. I have served in many capacities of the church; Administrative Secretary, Women's Ministry Director, Missionettes, Pastoral Care of Home Groups,, etc. My passion is to minister to our Millennial's, I love children and young people and I have a deep desire to see those ho have fallen under the curse of addiction set free through the Blood of Jesus Christ! Isaiah 61:1-8 "Setting the Captives Free"